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New Client Request

If you are new to our clinic or would like to get on our waitlist please send us an email to with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you

Helpful Hints For Your Visit

Please have your dog on a leash. This makes the visit much smoother.  Do not use a flexi-leash.  Despite the nice idea, many injuries are due to flexi-leashes.

Cats are notorious for hiding!  Please have your cat rounded up and in a carrier for a less stressful visit.  We cannot be responsible for catching your pet.

Dr Kurmes and his assistant looking at a hedgehog

Please note: We require rabies vaccination for all dogs and cats. Rabies is always around in Flagstaff and even if your pet is only indoors exposure is possible.  Should your pet bite someone, including us, and they are not vaccinated there is a risk of euthanization. 

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